The Department offers both a major in Art History and a major in Art History with a concentration in the Visual Arts. In each case, the student chooses a faculty adviser who assists her in planning a program incorporating personal interests while meeting departmental requirements.

Requirements for the Major in Art History

A minimum of 12 art history courses:

1. BC1001 and 1002 Introduction to Art History. This two-course sequence is required.

2. BC3970 Methods and Theories of Art History. To be taken during the junior or senior year.

3. BC3959x and/or BC3960y Senior Research Seminar.

Students write their senior thesis in conjunction with the Senior Research Seminar. (Please see description of the senior thesis below). Students will develop, research, and write their thesis project in consultation with an individual faculty member in Art History. They will also attend and participate in group seminars convened during the academic year in which all students will present their work. Students who plan to study abroad during their senior year and those who expect to graduate early must begin the senior research seminar sequence in the second semester of the junior year.

4.  Two Seminar Courses in Art History (may also be counted toward the historical and regional distribution requirement.)

5.  Seven elective courses, with the following requirements:

Lecture or seminars courses can be used to fulfill the seven elective requirement. BC1001 and 1002 or any other broad survey can not be used to fulfill this requirement. Courses in film are accepted toward the major requirements; studio courses are not. Students must take at least one course in three of four historical periods:
Ancient (up to 400 CE/AD)
These chronological divisions are approximate. In case of ambiguities about the eligibility of a course to fill the requirement, please consult the department chair or your advisor.

An additional two courses must also be drawn from at least TWO DIFFERENT world regions, as listed below:
Asia and the Indigenous Pacific
Latin America, Caribbean and the Indigenous Americas
Middle East


                  The minor in Art History consists of five courses, including BC1001, BC1002, and three courses in the following areas of which students must have at least one be Non-European.  European and American: Ancient, Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque and Modern
                  Non-European: Chinese, Japanese, Indian, African, Meso-American, and Native American

                   Student who received 4 or 5 on the AP Art History exam can count 3 point credits towards graduation credits AND are exempt from AHIS BC1001 Introduction to Art History. AP Art History can not be used to fulfill the number of courses required for the major or minor. Student still must take the required number of courses required for the AH major (12) or AH minor (5).