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Spring 2016 
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Joseph Salvatore Ackley
Ph.D (Institute of Fine Arts, NYU)
Term Assistant Professor 

Medieval Art and Architecture,
c. 800-1400, Metalwork, Manuscript Illumination, Sculpture and Theories of Matter and Medium. 

Tuesday 3-5 500J Diana Center

Telephone: 212-854-5039
Email: jackley@barnard.edu

Alexander Alberro
Ph.D (Northwestern University)
CHAIR, Barnard Art History 
Virginia Bloedel Wright Professor of Art History

Modern and Contemporary European, U.S., and Latin American Art, and History of Photography

Tuesday 4-5
Thursday 1:30-2:30
and by appointment

503C Diana Center

Telephone: 212-854-0311
Email: aalberro@barnard.edu

Rosalyn Deutsche
Visiting Professor

Modern and Contemporary Art, Feminist and Urban Theory

TUESDAY 4-5:15 and by appointment

500G Diana Center Telephone: (212) 854-8485
Email: deutsche@erols.com

Anne Higonnet 
Ph.D. (Yale University)
Ann Whitney Olin Professor

Eighteenth, Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century Art, Childhood and Museum and Collecting Theory

Monday 2-5 and by appointment

500M Diana Center

Telephone: (212) 854-5050
E-Mail: ahigonne@barnard.edu

Elizabeth W. Hutchinson
Ph.D. (Stanford University)
Associate Professor
North American Art to 1914, Native Amerian Art, History of Photography and Feminism, Postcolonial and Cultural Theory

On Sabbatical F2016-S2017

500J Diana Center

Telephone: (212) 854-5340
E-mail: ehutchin@barnard.edu

John Miller
M.F.A. (California Institute of the Arts)
Professor of Professional Practice in the Visual Arts Concentration

Tuesday 2:30-3:30

500D Diana Center

Telephone: (212)-854-1697
Email: jmiller@barnard.edu

Keith Moxey, Professor Emeritus 
Ph.D. (University of Chicago)
Barbara Novak Professor of Art History

Northern Renaissance Art, Social History and Critical Theory


  E-mail: kmoxey@barnard.edu

Jonathan Reynolds
Ph.D (Stanford University)

Japanese Art, Architecture, Photography and Visual Culture

Monday 1:30-2:30
Tuesday 9:30-10:30 by appointment
via email. 

500P Diana Center Telephone: (212) 854-5396
E-Mail: jmreynol@barnard.edu

Joan Snitzer
M.F.A. (Hunter College)
DIRECTOR, Barnard Visual Arts Program
Senior Lecturer in the Visual Arts Concentration 

Monday and Wednesday 1-2

500C Diana Center Telephone: (212) 854-3546
E-Mail: jsnitzer@barnard.edu