Art History, which is devoted to the study of all the visual arts, is one of the broadest fields in the humanities. It is concerned not only with the nature of works of art -- their form, style, and content, but also with the social, political, and cultural circumstances that shape them.

Introductory level courses encourage a basic and lifelong understanding and appreciation of works of art. The rest of the curriculum offers a more advanced and specialized knowledge of art, which can lead to many kinds of careers, including teaching, museum administration and curating, business positions in galleries or auction houses, publishing, criticism, collection advising, and conservation, as well as creative careers in any medium. Students in many fields may also find that art history is relevant to their studies.

The department, fortunate in being located in New York City, one of the world's great art centers, takes full advantage of the rich resources of the city's museums and galleries.


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